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About DL Combat Sports Program

The new Combat Sports Thai Boxing Programme devised by Javier Gómez and Defence Lab is an EVOLVED Combat System that was developed over 25 years of training with the most important and recognizable names in the world of “combat sports’ and testing in the ring and in several seminars. The DL Combat Sports is the new Defence Lab product that involves all the most important combat sports, such as, Thai Boxing, Grappling, and MMA (Mix Martial Arts).
The DL Combat Sports contains the two most important parts within, Fighting on “the ground” with Grappling, MMA and fighting “Standing up” with Thai Boxing.
We have created DL Combat Sports to provide an opportunity for everyone, to learn the best methods that exist in combat sports.

Our Origins


The Thai Boxing Combat Sports programme´s roots are in The Thai Boxing Association of USA. 10 years ago, Javier had the idea to create a new and innovative programme. He took the best parts from a number of existing Muay Thai styles and disciplines and created Combat Sports. His thinking was to produce a programme able to involve everyone who wanted to practice this art, without taking into account, age, sex or level.

Thai Boxing Program


The “DL Thai Boxing programme” is based on the traditional Thai Boxing system, which displays the best and most effective fighting drills. Its main focuses are endurance, power, continuous improvement, as well as discovering the culture and legendary tradition.

After several years of studying, testing with partners, travelling around the world learning from different masters of Martial Arts and spending hours teaching and training hard to test our product, we have achieved the best result … THE BEST THAI BOXING PROGRAMME in the World.

Thai Boxing programme caters for those who wish to learn Thai boxing in a fun and safe atmosphere. One where you can simply train and learn but without forgetting the fighters. Those who want to enter the ring.

Also, Defence Lab will provide the first Thai boxing programme totally designed to learn faster and in as short a time possible. Our On-Line University provides the necessary support for all instructors wherever they are in the world.

Our Mission and Vision


From Defence Lab has a very clear goal, and this is to take Combat Sports all over the world.

Each and Every Student of Thai Boxing will be taught about the background of Thai boxing culture and of course about the rules, history, rituals, and traditions that make this sport so unique.

From our point of view, the most important thing is that “DL Combat Sports is widely recognized as an outstanding training programme in the worldwide Thai Boxing community”.

We are going to show you the power of our new methodology which goes further than the techniques. We are going to show you, HOW TO TEACH.